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Saturday, May 21

Hangout Festival Awards - Friday May 20th, 2011


The vibe on Friday was electric as the festival kicked off. We will be delivering more in detail coverage in the week that follows, until then here are the Awards of the Day.

1. Best New Talent Award goes to: 
Cas Haley. His uncorrupted voice that he uses to share pieces of his soul, shined on stage.

2. Always one in every crowd. The Award goes to: 
This poor guy:)  DMB Tattoo= nuff said

3. Same As It Ever Was Award goes to:
Karl Denson. This is not a horrible award considering he has been on the scene a while playing at a high level. K.D.T.Y played a fun set, not much else has changed in 5 years.

4. Best Set of The Day Award goes to: 
Umphrey's McGee. They used the most of their short slot by not taking a moment off. As we danced our body weight off in the sun, we never had the chance to catch our breath.

5. Best Cover of The Day Award goes to: 
Umphrey's McGee for their blistering version of The Talking Heads classic “Girlfriend Is Better”!

6. Best Collaboration Award goes to: 
Warren Haynes & W.S.P. It was magical hearing Herring and Haynes dancing together if only for a brief Moment.
8. Best Jam of the Night Award goes to:
 Haynes & Herring during a smoking “Man Me High”

7. The “You’re a Pirate alright” Award goes to: 
This pirate:)

9. Best Party Award goes to:
 Bassnectar's late show! It was face melting good time until the wee hours of the morning.

10. Best Blues Set Award goes to: 
Warren Haynes and his soulful new band.
*Honorable mention goes to: 
The local police for leaving us the heck alone down here in the Riviera.

Awards and Photos: Kevin Long and Ellis Jones