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Wednesday, May 25

Album Review: AllofaSudden - Drink The Ocean

(Drink The Ocean) 2011

The first thing one notices when listening to AllofaSudden's sophomore album, Drink The Ocean,  is the layered almost ghost-like harmonies that are pervasive throughout the songwriting of Sean Stringfellow's and Tyler Shusterman's vocals which lay a foundation for a very psychedelic and rock-based album. Trading off lead vocals on most track's their distinctive yet melodic vocals are key to this albums appeal. The second thing one notices is the production quality and attention to detail throughout, some of the best that I've listened to in some time.

The first single "Drove All Night" is described as "a modern surf song capturing the fearless joys of the ocean as well as the bitter intensity of traversing building swells". I found this to actually be the most instrumentally fragmented track on the album, with multiple clashing themes and sounds that don't quite come completely together. This is the only negative criticism I have for an otherwise masterful album. The title track "Drink The Ocean" is a steady progressive jam-rock masterpiece with layered guitar licks by Shusterman building over the ambient keyboard work of Nathan Cole. Lyrically it is on par with the rest of the album, one that was clearly written with a profound vernacular in mind. "Daze Off" showcases Shusterman's masterful guitar work, with an almost Spanish acoustic intro, with multitudes of electric guitar piled on the top of this dream like song. The drum-work of Art McConnel and the bass-lines of Co-Founding member Sean Stringfellow make for a solid foundation in which the vocals and guitar work just melt in between. A great rhythm section is a constant throughout the album.

This album is a must buy simple as that. It is rare, a few times a year-maybe that I listen to an album or song for that matter and it immediately becomes part of the soundtrack of my day-to-day life, but this is one of those rare awesome exceptions. I can compare the album to Pink Floyd mashed with jam-roots, and topped with the driving beats one finds on classic Steely Dan tracks. Drink The Ocean includes a well noted cover of The Band's, "Get Up Jake" which does much justice to this solid piece of rock history.  My favorite tracks on the album change from day-to-day but as I write this review I would have to recommend "Susan" as a good starter. A tight track with fearless guitar licks, romping bass lines, building piano and a jammed out mid-section that melts my face to the bone. After catching this band live last year I was curious how their live-setting sound would translate in the studio. It turns out it does seamlessly to the benefit of all who take a listen.

Drink The Ocean is available May 24th, 2011 at,, and