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Monday, April 11

Summer of Phish...East Coast Saturation....Superball IX...and finally some Pacific Time Shows...included in the most intimate of the tour Lake Tahoe!


As our friends at Online Phish tour wrote earlier in the week: Phish has saturated the North-East over the past few years- touring grandly in the Summer, Fall and Holiday runs. Wee believe they have overlooked the West Coast in many respects minus a valiant return to Red Rocks, a couple Gorge Shows, hitting up Shoreline and later in the year of 09' a very memorable Festival in Indio with an EPIC Halloween for all to enjoy.  This to the layman might seam like a lot of West Coast Love...but in reality Phish is an East Coast band with close ties to East Coast Venues and they have been playing states like NY and NJ as if their buses had a smaller gasoline budget than the state of South Dakota...  They did bless the left coast last year with three crazy nights in Berkeley and then hit up Telluride, CO, which to the West Coaster doesn't count as "West Coast".  Colorado that is...1st Bank was sick too....But now finally after much speculation and a ton of rampant rumors Phish will return to The Pacific Zone....after pulling off of two very successful separate tours by Trey and Mike, which encompassed many of these areas.  The first stop is gonna be the amazingly beautiful, fun camping two night stay at the Gorge Amphitheater in East-Central, Washington.  Always great shows are made in such a place....I remember my first two nights there in 97.   The best "Harry Hood" ever....Thanks for turning off those light CK1!!!!  Then it's down to Los Angeles, while not my stomping ground it has been over-due for a Phish show and in the form of The Hollywood Bowl it should be anything less than Epic!  The real treat of this short but meaningful run will come at Lake Tahoe.  I must admit, it is my backyard.  I was there as a child, growing up on the shores of this amazing mountain retreat, and they picked the most auspicious yet intimate of venues, Harvey's "Make Shift" Outdoor Arena.  7000 fans at most my phriends.... I see these as the most sought after tickets of the Summer.  Plus it'll be a 2 night run, with a backdrop even Kuroda couldn't recreate.  This is a gift for all of us.  Centrally located about 3.5 hours from the Bay Area, 40 minutes at most from Reno and in the mild nights of August these two shows should define the West Coast Tour!  Not to leave SF out of the game they will make their first and only festy (not counting their own) appearance of the year on the 12th of August in the mist of Golden Gate Park for the Outside Lands of the best in the land.  Someone got the memo that a 1.5 hour set is not worth the ticket so Phish will play an entire show, 2 sets, SF will roar with Phandom!  Then it's off to Chicago where in a very clean intimate setting they will most likely wrap up 2011 with a three-night stand at Chicago’s UIC Pavilion.  Way to go Phish!  See you on tour and thanks from us LEFT-Coaster's!!!!

Samuel Martin
Phish and The Dead

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