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Tuesday, April 26

Max Creek 40th Anniversary - Sullivan Hall Show - 4/29/11 - w/ Union Street Preservation Society


Max Creek are celebrating 40 years together, playing a show at Sullivan Hall April 29 with Union Street Preservation Society. Established in 1971, Max Creek has become a multi-generational fixture of the festival scene. The group was formed in Connecticut during the height of the psychedelic rock movement and remain one New England's most enduring and influential improvised music ensembles. Early in the groups development founding member and bassist John Rider added the teen-aged guitar virtuoso Scott Murawski (BK3, Mike Gordon Band) and keyboardist Mark Mercier, which has turned into a four decade collaboration. Even "new" members Scott Allshouse and Greg Vasso(drumset and percussion, respectively) have been affiliated with the group since early 90s. In an age where disposable rock acts come and go, their accomplishment and influence is vast.

Max Creek can be seen as the "missing link" between their largest influence, The Grateful Dead, and Phish, who count them as an influence. Murawski has performed with both Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann and Phish bassist Mike Gordon, cementing himself as a bonafide peer to the strongest players of the improvised rock community. The groups sound, which includes original compositions spliced with Garcia/Hunter classics, is free form and full of movement. Max Creek celebrating their 40th anniversary in Costa Rica with Kreutzmann in a series of shows dubbed Jungle Jam, the band is moving forward to the 2011 edition of their signature Camp Creek festival, held in Maine.