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Thursday, March 31

2 FREE MP3's - GRATEFUL DEAD EUROPE '72: The Complete Recordings


In celebration of the forthcoming GRATEFUL DEAD EUROPE '72: The Complete Recordings 72-disc collection, here are links to grab the second & third tracks in a series of exclusive free downloads from

#2) Black-Throated Wind; 4/16/72 Aarhus, Denmark
This then-brand-new Weir/Barlow tune, soon to appear on Bob's Ace album, was played at 20 of the Europe '72 tour's 22 shows. This performance is from the tour's 5th show, at Aarhus University's Stackladen, a 700-capacity university cafeteria in this Danish city. (Facebook App) (widget code for posting below)

#3) He’s Gone; 4/17/72 Copenhagen, Denmark
On April 17, 1972 in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Dead played their FIRST-EVER LIVE PERFORMANCE of "He's Gone," although you couldn't tell by the confidence of this version. You'll notice that the "Goin' where the wind don't blow so strange..." bridge is absent here, as it had not yet been incorporated into the song. It was added to the song later in the tour.!/gratefuldead?sk=app_7146470109