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Saturday, November 13

PhanFood: From the Kitchen Pot to the Tour Lot - the ultimate recipe book!


From PhanArt Pete!

Hello Phans! We hope you had a great time this fall tour and if you were lucky enough to make it to Atlantic City, it was one of the best weekends of 3.0 so far. We have some exciting news from PhanArt that we wanted to share with the Phish community and some awesome developments coming up in the next few months for everyone to take note of. 
First and foremost, the cookbook PhanFood: From the Kitchen Pot to the Tour Lot will be published later this month from SUNY Press. This is the first ever cookbook by Phish fans for Phish fans, and contains a variety of meals, snacks, drinks and other treats (yes, even goo balls) that you will love. The recipes are as unique as the phans who submitted them, including, "Aint no time to stash the chicken and sausage gumbo", "Slave to the Colorful Quinoa Salad', 'Posternut Bagel" and "Party Time Punch", among more than 80 others. All delicious recipes!

Created by Taraleigh 'The Healthy Hippie' Weathers and PhanArt Pete, this cookbook is $19.95 and all net profits will go directly to the food pantries in the towns and cities Phish plays in each tour, as well as the food pantry of Burlington. 

You can pick the book up at We'll also be having a kickoff party at Nectar's in Burlington from 7-9pm on 12/11/10, featuring food to sample from the book, a canned food drive, and music from Dopapod that night from 9-2am

You can win a copy of PhanFood through PhanArt's Win Things Contest! This contest is designed to generate money for Mockingbird Foundation by donating 20% of sales from items in the PhanArt Store and anyone who picks up any item or items from the store between now and 12/23 will be entered to win (1st prize) one copy of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish, (2nd prize) one copy of PhanFood: From the Kitchen Pot to the Tour Lot, and for a 3rd prize your choice of lot shirt. This contest is open for 46 days and will help to raise money for Mockingbird Foundation, supporting music education throughout the country. 

Coming later this month is the Heady Holiday Gift Guide, one stop shopping for anyone looking for a gift for phriends and phamily. We will have price categories this year, with items available for $1-$10, $11-$20 and upwards in $10 increments, so you can pick up a poster, shirt, badge, or any other items that fans have made and are selling (at no cost to them) this holiday season. 

If you have seen any great lot art, or see any at the upcoming holiday run shows, be sure to take a picture and send the image in. We are continually collecting images of all things Phish fan made for inclusion in future editions of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish. The book is nearing the end of it's second printing, and will be reprinted in the spring once the current 2nd printing sells out. We anticipate the second edition to sell out this holiday season, so if you havent picked up a copy of the book, make sure to get it before this edition is all gone! For $65, you get a piece of Phish history and complete compendium of the first 20 years of Phish, from the fans perspective. Plus it makes a great gift!

Enjoy the holidays folks! From all of us at PhanArt, have a great end to 2010 and a happy and prosperous 2011!

PhanArt Pete and the PhanArt crew

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Pick up your copy of PhanFood: From the Kit chen Pot to the Tour Lot, The first ever Cookbook by Phish fans for Phish Fans!