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Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, monero, etc, are the digital currency which needs the perfect platform for making a trade. The platform for the cryptocurrency exchange is carried out through the online portal where you can exchange a digital currency for another. The popularity of cryptocurrency will make you curious to try in the trading market. Buying and selling of these digital currencies will make you think that which currency you have to buy to earn money? Best platform for the cryptocurrency exchange?

There are many options are available in cryptocurrency exchange. Each one differs in their functionality and in their style in the trading. They vary from one to another in the market. The following are the different types of cryptocurrency exchange platforms which will give you some idea.

The traditional crypto exchanges platform is the most familiar platform for the experienced Bitcoin trader in the stock market. This platform deals with the cryptocurrency exchanges rather than the fiat currencies. The small amount is charged for the platform fee. Example-Kraken.

Crypto broker’s platform, the name itself says that the price of the cryptocurrency will be set by the brokers. The cost for this exchange platform is considerably higher than the trading exchange platform. But using this crypto broker is easier. Example – Coinbase.

The direct trading platform is opposite to that of the traditional platforms. Exchange of orders takes place from peer to peer. The price of the orders for buying and selling is compared with the others price and if the price matches, then only the trade is allowed to take place.

Cryptocurrency funds are used when you want to invest your digital assets without purchasing. Here the crypto assets are bought or sold via public. Example – GBTC.

The top list of cryptocurrency for exchange is as follows

Binance – Binance is said to be the most popular cryptocurrency for exchange in the world. As it is native to China, it functions to the trader all over the world. It provides low trading fee. It is listed in top 10 cryptocurrencies. The exchange offers its coin Binance coin (BNB). The trading fee is only0.1%.

Bibox is launched in the year 2014, a new exchange provides optimal crypto trades and transactions. The crypto exchange is carried out through encrypted smart algorithms.

There are many options available in cryptos for buying and selling digital assets. Before investing you have to do well research about these exchange platforms.